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Bringing the Shushybye Songs Home To Your Family!


People always call the Shushybye Shoppe (toll-free at 1-866-748-7492/1-866-shushybye) to ask the different ways in which they can bring home all of the incredibly catchy Shushybye songs their families love...There's three best-selling music CD's, including Shushybye & Goodnight: The Deluxe Edition, Shushybye Close Your Eyes and A Shushybye Christmas...or select Shushybye songs can be found in the three popular Shushybye bedtime storybooks (that come with a separate audio CD featuring all the dialogue delivered by the Shushies themselves and several Shushybye songs)...each of the three Shushybye eBooks (available from iTunes) contain several Shushybye songs...the Shushybye Shoppe offers many of the famed Shushybye songs for individual download...and, of course, the top-selling Shushybye Baby TV series 3-DVD set contains ALL of the Shushybye songs (more than 50 music videos) just as they're seen on the family favorite Shushybye Baby television series airing on BabyFirst!  There you have it!